Looking good in orthotics

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Looking good in orthotics

I had a bad car accident as a teenager, and now one of my legs is a little shorter than the other. I need to wear an orthotic support on the foot which is on the shorter leg or I get all sorts of pains and issues. It can be tricky to find shoes that look cool and let you have orthotics inside, particularly if you work in a professional environment and can't wear sneakers each day! This site has my tips on looking like a professional working person while still looking after your podiatric health and great shoes that let you stay comfortable and wear your orthotics without looking unprofessional.


3 Tips for Runners Struggling With Plantar Fasciitis

Characterised by pain in the heel or arch of the foot, plantar fasciitis is a condition that derails many runners' training. If you have plantar fasciitis, you will probably notice that the pain is worst at the start of the morning or when you get up from sitting for a long time. Taking a break from running can help to reduce the pain, but unless you address the root cause it will probably come back. Read More